August 12-14, 2022




We will be hosting our Second Open Gym here in Montana! 

Our First Open Gym was a WILD Success. In the weeks following the event, I have received countless DM's and messages asking WHEN we are going to host another one!

Open Gym #001 was life changing for those in attendance. The family feel we all experience in the Dude That Lifts Community is amplified infinitely when we get our energy in one place.

Since it will be the middle of summer, the event will be different than our last.

I have a weekend PACKED FULL of camaraderie, hard work and some relaxing fun to finish it off!

As of today, the Open Gym Venue is TBD. We will either use our warehouse gym, or if I can swing it, we might do an outdoor gym day. This is TBD on several factors. Either way, we will get a killer lift in!

This will be an amazing opportunity to see our operation up close and personal and to have the chance to create lifelong bonds with your fellow Dudes!

There will be two options for you to choose between, and they are only available until they sell out!

I'm offering 8 VIP Tickets that will kick the weekend off early with some Montana Hospitality! The VIP Experience will run from the evening of Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th.

VIP Tickets will get you the following:

  • Dinner with the Dude Crew.  Enjoy killer food and a couple drinks with Mindy and I (and don't forget James!) at one of Helena's Critically Acclaimed restaurants.
  • Swim and Soak at our Local Broadwater Hot Springs. (This was a crowd favorite among #001 VIP's)
  • Smaller Group for deeper and uninterrupted interaction and socializing before main event kicks off.
  • Everything else that is included with General Tickets is included as well!

I'm offering 12 General Tickets that will cover all events for 

Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th.

Saturday will kick off at 10AM  and run into the evening.

We have a wide array of activities planned out that will keep your muscles and your mind moving!

We will begin with a half hour or so of meet and greet with everyone who joins and then get into an open gym lift! I am not programming a lift for everyone, you are free to lift however you'd like and enjoy the day with your new Dudes!

We will have all of our normal gym equipment, plus our good buddy Strongman Dave will be there with some of his badass strongman equipment for you to play with!

After we finish the lift, we will have a catered BBQ lunch.

Following lunch, we will do an "open mic" Q&A for everyone to put me and some of my buddies on blast.

You can ask questions about anything and everything, but we will have experts of nutrition, personal training and strongman alongside Me and Mindy.

After that, everyone will get to test their skills on THE Dude That Lifts Print Press as we all make our own custom shirts that will only be available at the event.

There will be several other things that come up during the day as well, but those are a surprise!

Saturday night will be a free for all. I encourage you guys to take the opportunity to spend some time with a couple of your new friends!

Sunday, we will spend playing outside. If the weather is solid, I plan to cruise down to the lake for a relaxing day on the beach. If anyone is feeling competitive, we can throw down in some Volleyball too!

A few of the other cool things provided will be:

  • Professional Photographer will be documenting the entire event. All photos will be released to you with no restrictions.
  • Custom shirts that will only be available to attendees
  • Catered Food
  • Surprise Giveaway
  • Unlimited Motivation
  • Incredible atmosphere and empowering environment
  • Swag Bags with gear from some of our favorite VIP Partners


Helena is a relatively small town, but we have all the amenities you'll need if you forget something during your travels!

The closest and most convenient airport is the Helena Regional Airport. When you search airports, the 3 character ID is HLN.

Several hotels in Helena offer Complimentary Shuttle Service from the Airport.

There are Rental Car Providers at the airport.

There really isn't any specific hotel that will get you much closer to the event, so you don't need to stress about location. You can choose any hotel that fits your budget, and you'll still be within 20 minutes of the warehouse.

My intention is to provide you with a tremendous amount of value, and memories to last a lifetime. The connections and relationships that will blossom at this event will be unmatched.  I am beyond proud and humbled to be able to invite you into the operation and into my "home".

As mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to hit me and a few of my friends with some Q&A. This will be an excellent opportunity to dig deep into the brand, fitness and nutrition. Please, don't be afraid to bring the heat!

Airfare, lodging and rental car costs are not included in your ticket.

Everyone who joins for the open gym will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Everyone will also be required to sign a photo release waiver for all photographs and content captured during the event.

Once all the photos are edited and uploaded, I will be granting access to all those who attend and you can use the photos freely without restriction.