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The Breath Montana Retreat

In a world of hustling and never ending stimulus, it's necessary to stop and take time for you.
You simply cannot serve others when you neglect yourself. Breath Montana will open you up to a weekend of community, vulnerability, healing and deep connection with yourself and those around you.

What to Expect.

  1. This event is structured to raise awareness of your ego. To wake you up and help you realize you are so much more than that negative voice in your head. You are capable of the greatest things, and we will help you realize that.
  2. We will have a variety of activities including deep conversation, vulnerability exercises, hike, hot and cold exposure therapy, breath work, community and group work out at our private gym.
  3. This event will allow us all to work inward, and find ourselves beyond the titles and professions we claim. You are not just a husband or a wife, you are uniquely you, and you have so much more to offer this world.
  4. Our breath work journey will be facilitated by Brandon Groux. He is a master of his craft and he will help us face our traumas and release the pain we've been clinging so tightly to. 

A Weekend of Healing

Your ticket will grant you access to our home in Helena, Montana from July 26-28.  Lodging is not included in the ticket unless specified.

We will spend several hours together, in community, sharing space for each other and ourselves.

This will require a lot of work from you, but not in a physical sense. We will be doing a few physical activities, but the hardest work is the work we will do inside ourselves.

You will likely experience a variety of emotions throughout the weekend, but you are free to feel them fully and share them with those around you.

Breath work changed my life, and I've made it my mission to share it with as many people as I possibly can. One thing that's proving itself more and more each day is that the weirder I get, the better life gets.

We will be sharing meals, conversation and space the entire weekend.

There will also be a VIP gift bag for each person in attendance.


  • Dates: 4 PM MST July 26th - 8PM MST July 28th

  • Location: Helena, Montana

  • Meals: We will share dinner on the 26th and 3 meals daily thereafter.

  • Suitable for: Men and Women

  • Coaching: All guests will get 3 month subscription to our new life coaching group. ($750 Value)

  • Optional Onsite Lodging: We have 5 tent camping tickets and 1 VIP RV ticket that will give you early arrival and late departure options and more access to hosts and facilitators throughout the weekend.

Limited Guest List for Deeper Connection

We are capping this at 20 guests. It is a huge priority for us to be able to have deep connections with each guest.  Community is EVERYTHING as you navigate this path of self awareness and healing. Each guest will have a different reason to be there, but the vision of progress and self awareness will tie us all together in an unforgettable weekend.