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The Dude That Lifts Manifesto


A Dude That Lifts is someone who has chosen to prioritize their health and wellness over the influential bullshit we are fed daily by those who choose excuses over action.

A Dude That Lifts is someone who refuses to settle for mediocrity. Average is not a word we will ever admire, nor strive to be. We are in search of greatness, and to achieve greatness, we must distance ourselves from average.

A Dude That Lifts can be a man or a woman. We use the word Dude indiscriminately, but only for those we hold in high regard. If you are striving to be better, you're a Dude in my book.

A Dude That Lifts will find a way to get the job done, regardless of what stands in their way. Temporary setbacks, failures and hardships will always be used as learning tools to catapult ourselves forward. We win or we learn, true failure is not an option.

The Dude that Lifts Community is diverse, powerful, uplifting and RAD AF. The Dude Community treats others with respect, honor and strives to motivate each other every single day.

We do not all have the same goals, skills, PR's, tools or bodies; but we all share the ideology that we are meant to be more than just another statistic on this planet.

A Dude That Lifts has chosen to let their ego and arrogance take a back seat to the pursuit of greatness.

The road ahead will be hard. It will be full of twists and turns, potholes and flat tires, but the journey will take you to a place you never dreamed possible. And as a community, we are unfuckingstoppable.

-Andrew, CEO Dude That Lifts

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